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A letter to my little girl

Hi girl,

I want to tell you some things about the world that you might not know yet.

First, you have such a phenomenal strength you can't even imagine yet. You have the ability to do big and important things, things that are incredible, different, interesting.

You will discover incredible places, you will be where you never imagined being. You will achieve great things and be very proud of the woman you have become.

Actually, here is what I want to tell you: don't listen too much to what people are telling you. Yes, that is right. Don't listen too much to your relatives, your colleagues, people who don't know you.

Deep down, you don't even know yourself yet, and all these judgments and labels can keep you away from the path your heart desires for you.

Most of the time, these words won't help you at all. But the word that means the most to you is the word from your heart.

Do you know the thoughts you keep to yourself, deep in your heart? These are important, these are indeed valuables. Listen to them. Listen carefully.

When you think of something good about someone, when you feel like you like someone, tell them. Don't be afraid. By the way, little by little you will see that some fears are kind of locks that you don't need to have.

If I were you, I would gradually lose this fear, step by step, especially the fear of getting close to people you really want to be close to.

You deserve everything you have (and you also deserve so much more than you don't have yet). You deserve affection and love in abundance, you deserve to follow your dreams and desires, you deserve to experience pleasant pleasures and experiences, and you deserve the amazing people that will cross your path.

When you feel like you're with someone special, enjoy it. Many of these people will pass through your life in an instant, and you will feel that you could have enjoyed even more. Enjoy the moment, talk to this person, don't think too much about what this person or other people are thinking about you.

Another thing you might not know yet is that you exhale love. That's right: you overflow love, affection, kindness. This can confuse you a little, but don't think too much if your heart wants to show this affection with a nice hug, a kiss or a friendly word.

Give it, and give without worrying too much about what you'll get back.

Another thing I want to let you know is that you don't have to pretend that it's okay all the time. From an early age you must have realized that appearances can be deceiving, and even though apparently everything is perfect and structured, only you know how much the imbalance of small things can affect you.

So, don't feel guilty if you disconnect from ties that you don't feel good about. If you don't like someone, don't feel attached to them, walk away and that's okay. You and that person will find other people who match each other's energetic frequency, and that's magical.

By the way, I also need to tell you that the world has many different people. In fact, the whole world is very big. So don't worry too much if you feel like you don't quite fit into the world you came from.

Once you start flying with your own wings, you'll see that you can actually connect with other people who make you feel good, and you can also find yourself in another world that is not necessarily the one you thought was the only one that existed.

Look, if I could give you just one more advice: relax. Relax and enjoy the path.

Start listening to your inner voice, the voice that comes from your heart, and follow that voice to flow. Live each day at once. It doesn't mean that you don't need to make plans, actually... do it! Make plans, dream, write down your desires, pay attention to all of them.

However, don't worry too much about what the people around you are thinking and saying to you. And don't worry too much when your plans don't turn out exactly as you wanted. In fact, it never happens like this. And that's the fun of it all.

You are unique, special and have a layer of love that welcomes and protects you. So, take the risks, go ahead, face it, and don't think so much about everything that could go wrong, because what could go right is worth much more than any slip-up along the way.

When something goes wrong, try to relax and to be grateful. You may not understand it right now, but all of this has a reason and a valuable lesson for you to learn.

Be grateful.

And be happy.

You deserve it.

With all my best wishes,


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