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This is how my hair, my skin, my mouth feel right now

it's 10 pm and I just got back from a night dive

a beautiful night, new moon

everything is new

The sea was rough

beating the rocks

we go down the ladder and already fall into the sea

it is time to swim backwards looking at the sky

What a blessing!

the three of us and a sea of stars covering us

We started to descend

and the night is beautiful under here too

Fishes, octopus, lobsters

morays, stingrays

all swimming around under the sea

those beautiful and colorful creatures under the focus of the flashlight

it seems that at night the fish look us more in the eyes

you here at this time?

We made OK signs

heart signs - my instructor loves octopuses

signs of look what I found!

signs of problem? none

Without saying anything

we could feel that the three of us were delighted

a peaceful, calm, slow dive

sabroso, as the Colombians say

Crystal clear water, incredible visibility

every minute we saw something new, different

and it was many minutes

the light started blinking and my heart beat was all about curiosity

my heart was happy

Breathe deeply, slowly


on the way out, we were slow, careful

none of the three wanted to finish the dive

We go up

and the sea feels fantastic

the water was still warm

all well

we look at the sky

and we scream

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